According to a Harvard Business Review, believing in coworking myths has in the past prevented workers from seeing the benefits of these innovative spaces. Today, though, more and more professionals are seeing that coworking can actually make their work seem more meaningful, give them more job control and feel part of a larger community.  Why the change in attitude? Because they got the facts.

 But even though the coworking industry is rapidly growing around the world, there’s still a lot of misunderstanding about it.

 Here are just a few of the top coworking myths and the facts about the industry.


Coworking Myth #1: Coworking is for Tech People or Entrepreneurs in Niche Industries

The Facts: This is one of the top global coworking myths. The global coworking industry is full of a wide variety of spaces that are home to everyone from work-from-home parents, freelance designers and writers, independent professionals, programmers, photographers, attorneys, nonprofits, event planners, artists, remote workers, small business owners, corporate employees and much more. While there are a few coworking spaces geared toward tech professionals and startups, these are more the exception than the rule. In fact, the more diverse a workspace community is, the stronger the community and in-house professional network.


Coworking Myth #2: Coworking is Just for Very Social People

The Facts: Coworking spaces are attractive to all personalities. As part of a global coworking survey, 30% of respondents declared they were extroverts, while 22% described themselves as introverts. The remaining 48% said they were a mix of both.


Coworking Myth #3: It’s More Expensive Than Leasing a Regular Office

 The Facts: Coworking spaces can save as much as 26% per employee over five years. When you rent your own office, you have an endless list of other expenses as well – furniture, design, office equipment, internet, utilities, cleaning, insurance, management fees and much more. Coworking spaces come furnished, provide access to printers and scanners, kitchens, WiFi, and a host of amenities, all usually included in the membership fee.


Coworking Myth #4: Coworking Facilities Only Offer Common Space with No Privacy

The Facts: Coworking spaces offer a wide range of different spaces, suitable for solo workers or large teams. Most have common areas and first-come-first-served open desks. But they also offer dedicated desks, private offices for individual workers, or larger offices that can accommodate 4-20 workers. And coworking spaces offer the flexibility to move within the same facility to larger or smaller spaces as business needs change. So, you won’t have to change the address on your letterhead!


Coworking Myth #5: Coworking is Just Like Working in a Coffee Shop

The Facts: The coffee may not be as strong, but coworking has so much more to offer than the place you get your favorite latte. Coworking has everything a coffee shop has — coffee, tables, WiFi, people. But it also has a community of professionals to collaborate and network with, business amenities, such as conference rooms, printers, whiteboards, quiet work areas, collaborative work areas, conference rooms, better WiFi, and more power outlets. Plus, you can get up to use the restroom without worrying about losing your spot! If you’re serious about your business, it’s time to move out of the coffee shop and into a coworking space.


Coworking Myth #6: Coworking is Just for Self-employed Professionals

The Facts: Many businesses, from large corporations to innovative start-ups, are embracing coworking. Yes, coworking spaces are the preferred workspace of many freelancers and independent professionals. But they’re also full of remote workers who work with teams around the world, corporate satellite teams, and nonprofit teams. In fact, according to Work Social, small to medium sized businesses make up 37.93% of coworking space users, while 27.12% are startup teams and only 16.61% are freelancers. And according to a recent U.S. Workplace Survey, 14% of corporate workers use coworking spaces regularly. Coworking gives all types of workers the flexibility and freedom grow businesses of all sizes.


Coworking Myth #7:  Coworking Spaces Are Noisy and Distracting

The Facts: new survey by research firm, Clutch, found over half (54%) of employees said they were most productive when working outside of a traditional office such as in a coworking space. By nature, coworking spaces encourage community and collaboration. 25% of the Clutch survey respondents cited access to a professional community as the main benefit of coworking. Being surrounded by other highly motivated individuals who want a professional environment means work gets done! But if working in common spaces isn’t for you, most coworking spaces, like CoLab, offer private offices of various sizes.


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