Podcasting is the buzzword in just about every industry and for every topic you can imagine. You probably even listen to a few podcasts yourself. But have you ever considered creating one for your business?

Even if your business is small, or you’re working in a co-working facility, or you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, there’s probably no better way than podcasts to quickly get the word out about your company name and products, or to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Not convinced? Consider the facts.

The Facts about Podcasting

  • The percentage of U.S. consumers who listen to podcasts more than doubling over the last decade.
  • A survey by Statista in 2022 found that 62 percent of US consumers listened to audio podcasts, up from 57 percent in the previous year.
  • According to a survey by the BBC, podcasts are uniquely valuable when it comes to connecting with “ad avoiders” — an extremely hard-to-reach group.
  • Podcasts outperformed television by at least 22% when it came to engagement, emotional intensity, and memory encoding associated with the brand.
  • In terms of listening frequency among business owners, an average of 41% said they listen daily, while 41% listen weekly.
  • According to The MIDAS Survey, 65% of podcast listeners listen to the whole episode.
  • Weekly podcast listeners in the U.S. listen to an average of eight podcasts per week.
  • According to eMarketer, US marketers will spend more than $2 billion on podcast ads by 2023 and $3 billion by 2025.
  • Nearly 90% of podcast listeners feel that podcast ads work. And more than half have bought a product based on a podcast ad.

The Bottom Line:

One reason for the success of podcasts is the convenience that it offers listeners. Face it, we are all multitaskers. And this medium allows us to get information while we continue with our daily lives, whether that’s commuting to work, cooking, or even working out at the gym.

A Few Benefits of Podcasts for Small Businesses

Podcasting Creates Trust and Adds Credibility

  • A podcast can add an additional layer of trust to new businesses or to those who are self-employed. It gives customers the chance to see you as a valuable resource and authoritative presence in your industry.
  • If you interview relevant and recognized experts in your field, you can add credibility to your company. Co-working spaces are a treasure trove of potential talent within the community of professionals. Inviting guest speakers on your podcast is one of the best ways to give your audience different opinions and insights on a given topic. It also helps you build good relations with industry experts who can help you in many ways.

Podcasting Captures Attention and Tells More of Your Story

  • Podcasts capture your audience’s attention better than print. Hearing the voice of the presenter gives the audience a stronger connection than simply reading the information on your web page.
  • You can enhance your brand awareness. Having a solid, trusted brand is important for your business to thrive. You can integrate information about your products and services as they relate to the information in the podcast. For example, if you are a financial planner producing a podcast about retirement planning, you can include information about the services you offer in that area. In this way, the podcasts also serve as further advertisement for your business.
  • Podcasts allow you to produce long-form content. In this social media infused world, we are bombarded with various short-form content. Blogs, news articles, videos and tweets provide audiences with quick info on your products and services. But a podcast allows you to give extensive details about your offering its value to your audience. You can include meaningful insights and analyses, along with the latest statistics and data. A meaningful podcast with extensive knowledge can influence customer’s purchase decisions.

Minimal Cost for You and Easy for Your Audience

  • They are easy to create and to access. You don’t need any technical knowledge or a large budget to create a podcast. There is a myriad of free tools available on the web. In terms of equipment, you can usually get by with headphones, a laptop or desktop computer, and a high-quality microphone. And, users can easily download podcasts and listen to them any place and time, without being connected to the Internet.

CoLab, Co-working and Podcasting – A Natural Fit

The use of co-working spaces by small businesses continues to increase rapidly, and the use of podcasts in marketing is booming. So it seems like a marriage made in heaven. The flex spaces offered by co-working facilities, like CoLab, provide just the right location to fit your needs. Whether it’s a quiet office to record your audio, or a unique setup to tape episodes for later posting on YouTube, co-working is not only the modern way to work, but the perfect place to create podcasts.

CoLab offers co-working memberships in a safe, convenient, and cost-effective environment among a community of professionals like you. With a wide variety of office and shared spaces available to choose from, CoLab provides the value, tools, and networking opportunities professionals need to focus on their clients and to grow. Contact us at 203-208-8488 for a tour or schedule a tour here!